End of Term Options

With our simple End of Term options, endings can also be new beginnings
Upgrade to New Equipment

The most popular option, upgrading gives you access to the latest equipment so your business can maintain it's competitive edge.

Upgrade and own for free
At the end of the minimum term, upgrade to new equipment by entering into a new rental Agreement with FlexiRent and we’ll let you own the old equipment for free3.

Upgrade early and get your payments waived
Upgrade in the last 3 months of your agreement, return your old equipment and FlexiRent will waive the remaining payments.

Own the Equipment

At the end of the minimum term, if you would like to own the existing equipment, you can make us an offer to purchase it. You can offer any price for the existing equipment, but we have the right to accept or reject your offer3.

Return the Equipment

You may terminate the lease agreement at the end of minimum term by written notice to us, in which case you must return the equipment to us in good working order, together with all accessories and manuals, at your expense.

Please contact the FlexiRent Customer Team on 0800 444 827 to discuss any of the above options.

It is important to contact us and nominate an End of Term option prior to the end of your Rental Agreement. If we don't hear from you and your equipment has not been returned, the Agreement will continue on a month-to-month basis and you will continue to be charged a Monthly Rental Payment on the equipment.