Payment Protect

Future proof your business from sickness, injury, redundancy and business interruption

What is Payment Protect?

You can’t predict the future but you can take steps to future proof your business. Sickness, injury, redundancy and business interruption are all things we cannot foresee but for a small additional charge, when you add Payment Protect to your lease, you will have assurance that you’re covered. 

Payment Protect allows you to suspend your payments in the event of involuntary unemployment or should the worst happen to you. As a business, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are covered.

If you were to claim Payment Protect, there may be two possible outcomes:

  1. Payment Suspend – This is the most common outcome following involuntary unemployment, short term illness or a business interruption event. We can suspend your payments for a period of up to 3 months and resume monthly payments once you are back on your feet again3.
  1. Release – In the occurrence of a serious event where you are unable to continue to pay for the lease, such as a terminal illness, disablement or death, we are able to release you from your contract once you return the equipment. You will be charged a small administration fee but you will not be required to pay us any remaining total monthly lease payments or any other amounts that may be outstanding3.
Benefits of Payment Protect

  • There is no claim fee for a payment suspension but if you choose the Release option and return the equipment, there is a low one off administration fee of $220, regardless of the finance amount or equipment value

  • We pride ourselves on superior customer service. Our top priority is to minimize the impact on your business and quickly resolve any issues

  • To start the claims process, contact our dedicated claims specialists on 0800 444 827

Here is What Our Customers Have Said

"You have a truly amazing, professional team who understood my claim and looked after me like a real person. Keep up the fantastic work as I am overwhelmed with the great care from this awesome team."

Customer since 2012

"The customer services staff was very professional and empathetic and managed the situation positively, efficiently, and responded in a timely manner. She explained the options in a way that helped me to decide what to do myself and was client centered in her approach. It made a difficult situation of loss not so difficult as she was solution focused and demonstrated care and sensitivity to the impact of the loss to me."

Customer since 2008